Description of Services
Explorations is a fee-based menu of afterschool enrichment classes that vary based on student interest in topics such as foreign language, coding, dance and art. Classes are individually priced, scheduled for a select number of weeks and are designed to provide an active and enriching environment for students to explore individual interests.
Registration Policy
Registration requires completion of all online registration forms by the client, health/accident insurance, and payment of all nonrefundable fees.
Tuition and Fees
Explorations utilizes Rycor (formerly known as Acorn) for payment of student fees. Rycor is a secure, streamlined system that enables parents to complete transactions through credit or debit card.

Tuition and fees are payable via credit/debit card only.

Tuition is due in full each quarter before the start of class.

Attendance and Dismissal
Classes start promptly at 4:10 on designated days and end at 5:10. Students must report to the designated check in area immediately upon school dismissal.

All students must be signed out by 5:20 p.m. Beginning at 5:20 p.m. a late pick-up fee will be assessed. Late pick-up fees are due immediately at the time of the occurrence.

To assure that students are supervised while in our care, we employ the following system:

• Clients must maintain up to date contact information, including telephone numbers for all persons permitted to pick up their children.
• Each student must be checked into the program immediately after school and picked up from the program daily by the parent/guardian or other authorized person
• Clients will receive a placard to be clearly displayed on the dash of their car when picking up the student from the Explorations car line. Only persons who have this placard in their car will be permitted to pick up a student
• Picture identification is required for anyone to pick up a student when they are unknown to site personnel
• Students will only be released from the designated pick up area

Behavior Policy
Explorations staff are committed to provide a safe, positive and enriching environment for all
students. Please review the following expectations of appropriate behavior:

1. Listening and following directions
2. Keeping hands, feet, legs and objects to self
3. Speaking in a normal tone of voice, in a courteous manner and utilizing acceptable language
4. Using materials and equipment appropriately
5. Following safety rules
The Explorations program does not discriminate and gives children with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all services, which includes the provision of reasonable accommodations that do not fundamentally alter the program, provided that the child’s participation does not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of himself or others. If reasonable efforts have been made and a child continues to pose a direct threat to the health or safety of himself or others, services may be terminated.