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Molding Your Middle Schooler

Middle School is a great time period in young adults’ lifeStudents are in the process of learning about themselves, meeting a variety of people, and gaining independence at an accelerated rate. Beyond the Bell is a Middle School program located at Charles S. Rushe Middle, River Ridge Middle, Thomas E. Weightman Middle, Dr. John Long Middle and coming to Cypress Creek Middle in the fall of 2020-2021. Beyond the Bell, AKA BTB, focuses on valuable life skills, specialty clubs, homework assistance and enrichments activities as well as socialization skills and teamwork.  But the learning does not always have to occur at school. Here are some other ideas to help mold your middle-schooler! 

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by:Matthew Koshko & Carlotta Mathis

1. Write a Resume

Writing a resume is a valuable life skill that many young adults struggle with. While simple to think about, it helps that students learn a valuable life skill. Have them list their accomplishments, list the skills they have, and make notes of their current ambitions. Save it for later and allow your student to update it regularly. Give you middle schooler a head-start in the working world! 


2. Learn a New Hobby

On top of developing a resume, it is a great idea to take this summer to learn a new hobby. Spending your free time to learn a new skill can not only help your middle schooler grow, but also can help them develop new and valuable skills to help pad out their resume even further. 


3.  Earn, Manage, and Save Money

This is an important life skill that everybody should know. While it is very easy to pull up a bank statement, not everybody can look at their account, predict changes and upcoming bills, apply a spending limit, and then be good to go for their next paycheck. While Middle Schoolers do not have jobs for the most part, giving small amounts of money and having them ration it will help develop this skill even further.  

4. Have a Goal

Goals are important to have at any age. Being a middle-school student is no exception. Planning and accomplishing goals can help boost self-esteem, teach accountability, and help define success. Something like weight loss or dedicating 30 minutes a day to your new hobby are simple things that help push your middle school student in a positive direction.   


5.  Organize a Schedule

Schedules are important for the working world and the learning world. Organizing a time to do homework and setting an alarm to wake up at the same time every day will not only help structure your students’ life, but also allow them to independently construct their day how they want to. Do they want to do their household chores in the morning, so they have more time for TV later? Or would they prefer a quieter morning and a busier afternoon? Now is the best time to figure it out for themselves!