July 26 – August 3

From video games, to baking a cake, math is all around us.  And believe it or not, math can be fun when you recognize it and learn to apply some useful tricks. In this theme, campers will experience hands-on activities that will have them saying, “Wait, that was math?”. Campers will explore how math is related to everyday things we all love, like music and video games, and how we can apply math in our present and future careers. Embark on this math-magical journey with us and see how far we can go with math.


$30 non-refundable registration
$125 weekly, per child

(includes all in-house presenters,
virtual field trips and special events)

Due to the ongoing health and safety concerns around COVID-19, there will be no off-campus field trips this summer.  However, a variety of in-house presenters, special activities, and exciting virtual field trips are planned to enhance our campers’ experiences throughout the summer.

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