July 25 – August 5

From the swimming pool to the kitchen, math is in everything we do. It plays an important role in teaching kids how to apply critical thinking, logical reasoning, and it helps them better understand other subjects like science, music, and art. If you have ever said “When am I ever going to use this?”, this camp is for you. Think math is boring? You couldn’t be more wrong. Come and join us for Sum Fun!


$30 non-refundable registration
$125 weekly, per child

(includes all field trips, in-house presenters,
virtual field trips and special events)

There will be limited off-campus field trips this summer. However, a variety of in-house presenters, special activities, and exciting virtual field trips are planned to enhance out campers’ experiences throughout the summer.

After School Enrichment Programs

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Land O Lakes, FL 34638