Mom’s the Word

May 10th, 2020 is Mother’s Day. Mother’s everywhere deserve to be celebrated for their hard work, their busy schedules, and most importantly, raising their children! Which means it is time to start thinking about clever gift ideas. But what if you are more of the creative type? What if you prefer to have a personal touch to your gifts? Here are some ideas to get you started and let Mom know she matters!


Blog# 006
by:Matthew Koshko

1. Customize a Mug!

Coffee and tea are two things that many people cannot live without. When working hard each day, it is important to stay healthy and energized. So why not create a gift that your Mother can see every day? Use some paint and markers and have a blast making something special!


2. Make Flowers That Last!

If you have coffee filters laying around the house, you can turn them into something very special. With straws, tape, and some markers, you can create a colorful bouquet that would never go away!


3.  Mom’s Rock!

Looking to do some exploring in your backyard? This simple craft just requires a rock and some paint. It’s now time for you to show your creative side to show that your Mom she really knows how to rock!

4. Keep it Traditional!

Sometimes, a simple card says it all. But why not take it one step further? With paper cut into little pieces, you can make creative mosaic art, make a beautiful flower, or even a nice sun catcher!


5.  Putting on the Ritz!

Jewelry can be expensive. If you don’t want to pay your children some additional allowance for a nice necklace or ring, why not create one yourself! Using twine, fishing line, or string, and some simple beads, you can turn a couple of beads into a fabulous jewelry piece.