Quarter #1

DANCE (Hip-Hop/Jazz)

Research shows that exercise stimulates brain health, increases heart rate & improves cognitive functioning. Dance is universal. Dance is fun. Dance is a great way to exercise both your body and your brain!  Students will learn the basics of dance with fun, upbeat routines.

Our Dance Instructors:

Lori Spiegel: 

I have been teaching at Seven Oaks Elementary for 10 years and I have a passion for teaching. I am an advocate for wellness and the importance of health and fitness. I fully believe exercise can be fun! We will have a blast dancing our hearts out!

Ginny Dominick: 

I’ve been teaching at Seven Oaks Elementary for 14 years and have taught grades K-3. My passion for teaching and fitness are blended perfectly this quarter! I’ve danced since I was a tiny tot and into my high school years. I’m excited to share my joy to the beat of the music!

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