Dad’s Day Designs

June 21st, 2020 is Father’s Day. Which means it is time to start thinking of some nice gifts that you and your child can make to say “thanks” to the hardworking fathers in the world. With only a few resources and some free time, you can make some very personal gifts that show all father figures that they are appreciated!

Blog# 008
by:Matthew Koshko

1. Frame It!

Picture frames are everywhere, but a custom one can make all the difference. For an office desk or tool bench, a custom-made photo frame is a great reminder to fathers how much they mean to you. You can even throw in some small metal tools to really make the design stand out!


2. A Key to Success

Work, work, work. Driving to and from any and all locations requires Dads to know exactly where they left their car keys. So why not design a bright and unique key chain that will not only help locate the keys, but also show Dad that you love him!


3.  Trophy Time!

Every Dad needs an award for being special. With some gold paint, some card stock, and a but of creativity, you and your child can make a trophy that any Dad would be lucky to have. Show him he deserves an award for being the best Dad ever!


4.  Keep It Traditional!

Cards can say a lot with very little. Custom designs like the one below show a special touch on a piece of paper can make a Hallmark card look plain and dull. Customize and get creative!


5.  Keep it Coasting!

With summer here and in full blast, it’s always good to have a nice spot to put a cold drink. Whatever beverage Dad is drinking, coasters can make a super useful gift. Some paint and cardboard circles can make a den, desk, and kitchen table, feel very unique.