June 13- June 24

Last summer our campers had an amazing time cracking the world of coding. This summer we are continuing that experience with Code Crackers Squared. Coding can improve problem solving skills, math and writing skills, and help develop perseverance and determination. Campers will learn to write code to complete given tasks within software, apps, and video games. With careers in coding and robotics exploding, it’s never too early to learn to “speak computer”. This two-week theme will again have kids eager to learn more and may just plant the seeds for a future high-demand career!


$30 non-refundable registration
$125 weekly, per child

(includes all field trips, in-house presenters,
virtual field trips and special events)

There will be limited off-campus field trips this summer. However, a variety of in-house presenters, special activities, and exciting virtual field trips are planned to enhance out campers’ experiences throughout the summer.

After School Enrichment Programs

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